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Filmmaker . Producer

Phoebe Holman is a multi award-winning independent documentary filmmaker and content producer that specialises in unearthing new and untold stories,  showcasing social problems.  Phoebe's work focuses on celebrating difference, breaking down stereotypes and representing the underrepresented, with a  primary and personal focus on supporting the stories of people with disabilities. 

Phoebe also works in television as a self-shooting and casting assistant producer and has worked on a range of genres including documentary,  natural history , factual entertainment and game shows. A cross-section of some of the types of programmes she has worked on include Channel 5's observational documentary 'Cursing In the Classroom, Tourettes and Me', BBC 1 's primetime BAFTA award winning 'DIY SOS' and Channel 4's 'Crystal Maze USA'. Her varied experience has allowed her to develop a rounded understanding of TV production and has given her a greater knowledge of how to work in different environments with multiple types of contributors and talent. Phoebe can produce, cast, direct sequences, shoot on a range of cameras and edit.  

Phoebe's documentary style is to personally integrate into the societies of her subjects in order to subjectively understand and tell their stories honestly. Having spent a year in the eye opening world of Death Cafe's with a coffin maker, a taxidermist and many others in the death industry her short documentary unearths some provoking truths about death itself.

Followed by two years spent working with the incredibly courageous British Paraorchestra, the worlds first orchestra for professional musicians with disabilities. Her documentary Towards Harmony, A Musical Integration won Best Documentary at the London International Film Festival and came 2nd place at the Manhattan International Film Festival, New York. 

Phoebe is now Producing a film project called Women with Drive, about female empowerment in later life and researching a project about the refugee camps in Northern France.  


She works primarily as a Producer or a Camera Operator but is also a very proficient editor. 

Phoebe Holman Bristol Documentary Filmmaker 

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